About The Author
Hi! Welcome to my site, I’m Sal and I love to travel. One of my happiest memories as a child is being squished into the back seat with my three siblings and a shedding husky on a cross country road trip with my parents. I’ve always had the travel bug but, at the same time, been terrified about what’s around the bend.

Recently, I set off on the adventure of a lifetime with my sidekick adventure pal G. Although I desperately wish I had the courage of Jane Goodall and often try to summon the bravery of Amelia Earhart, I often find that my DNA has a genetic mutation that refuses to go along with my curiosity about the world. I am a ‘fraidypants with a hopeless dash of princess.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and dare to swim with an anaconda and taste a termite once in your life too.  To Contact Me:


About The Illustrator

The watercolors are all painted by Kate Rose Johnson, my sister. Check out her site at www.katerosejohnson.com. Thanks Kate!

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